Revelation: a JITed simulator for the Adapteva Epiphany

Revelation is a simulator for the Adapteva Epiphany chip. Revelation is based on Pydgin, which is a framework for writing functional simulators as just in time interpreters. You can read more about Pydgin in this paper:

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Derek Lockhart, Berkin Ilbeyi, and Christopher Batten. (2015) Pydgin: Generating Fast Instruction Set Simulators from Simple Architecture Descriptions with Meta-Tracing JIT Compilers. IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS). Available at:


Revelation is offered under the terms of the Open Source Initiative BSD 3-Clause License. More information about this license can be found here:

Some test programs and benchmarks were previously published by other authors, and come with their own license agreements.


Early work on Revelation was funded by a University of Wolverhampton ERAS award. Carl Friedrich Bolz helped to write the early Revelation commits. Thanks to the Pydgin project, especially Berkin Ilbeyi and Derek Lockhart.